Pixel Saturation Applied for Cloud Cover Estimation in Ground based All Sky Images


  • Gujanatti Rudrappa
  • Anusha A Shetty
  • Aishwaryalaxmi G Kulkarni
  • Anuradha R Jujagaon
  • Nataraj Vijapur
  • Ankita D Khelgi


Cloud plays a vital role in many domains such as weather forecasting, power forecasting, agriculture, and so on. The fraction/ amount/ percentage of cloud cover over a region is a weather parameter to be considered for forecasting applications. Under suitable weather conditions the cloud cover plays a vital role is precipitation nowcasting. The relation between the cloud cover and precipitation can be directly related under suitable weather conditions. Here, we propose to estimate fraction/amount/percentage of cloud cover based on the ground based images. Pixel saturation is used for cloud cover estimation. Singapore High-dynamic-range Whole sky IMaging SEGmentation Database {SHWIMSEG} dataset images were used for testing the system proposed. Cloud cover in the range of no cloud cover {0%} to full cloud cover {100%} was tested. Once the test was carried out on SHWIMSEG dataset, the all sky images acquired from camera module {PYRA300C} are passed through the system for cloud cover percentage estimation. An accuracy of 92.49% was achieved on the images.







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