Future technology based HPLC Analytical Procedures and Pharmaceutical Description of Empagliflozin


  • Garima Kapoor
  • Rubina Bhutani
  • Manni Dutta
  • Abhishek Sharma
  • Farhan Khan
  • Pankaj Bhatt


Bioequivalence; diabetes mellitus; Empagliflozin; Simultaneous estimate; Validation.


Empagliflozin known for its inhibition of SGLT-2 (sodium glucose co-transporter-2). SGLT-2 inhibitors are those category of prescription drugs that are given with diet and exercise helping in decreasing sugar level. SGLT-2 inhibitors lower blood sugar levels by inducing the excretion of sugar through urine via kidneys. With appropriate diet and exercise for management of type 2 diabetes mellitus in adults, therapy includes metformin or linagliptin in combination with empagliflozin. Genital mycotic infections are common and urinary tract infections are very rare. Empagliflozin's pharmacological and pharmaceutical features are discussed in this paper. The generic pharmaceutical industry may find empagliflozin to be an appealing target. In drug discovery, bioequivalence research, and pharmacokinetics evaluation, analytical method development strives to provide better estimation and cost-effectiveness. The growth of drug entities and their evaluation is a new topic of technique development study. Different approaches were created employing various type of combination of mobile phases and columns to produce run duration variation and efficacy in biological fluids or medication solution, according to a recent case study on empagliflozin. The case study showed that there is limited information on simultaneous estimate of fixed dose combinations of empagliflozin, making it a novel field to investigate.




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Garima Kapoor, Rubina Bhutani, Manni Dutta, Abhishek Sharma, Farhan Khan, & Pankaj Bhatt. (2022). Future technology based HPLC Analytical Procedures and Pharmaceutical Description of Empagliflozin. Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results, 1453–1465. Retrieved from https://pnrjournal.com/index.php/home/article/view/3578