Self-Management to Change of Perception and Clinical and Pharmacological Knowledge of COVID-19


  • Eppy Setiyowati


Covid-19, Clinical knowledge, Coronavirus, Perception, Outbreak.


Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19) is caused by a coronavirus 2 that causes severe acute respiratory illness (SARS-CoV2). Coronavirus transmission
occurs in the community in Indonesia, with a total of 49.009 instances (at time of writing). This research aims to determine the influence
of self-management education on the attitudes and knowledge transfer of COVID-19 patients in an East Java hospital. Between January
and July 2020, data was collected from 150 patients who visited a clinic in East Java. A sample was accomplished using a straightforward
random sampling approach. The pretest data were collected to determine perspectives and knowledge, followed by the self-management
education intervention, and finally, the posttest. The pre-and post-test data were collected using a closed questionnaire, and the results were
analyzed using an independent T-test. Perception changes after self-management education intervention were seen only in the treatment
group. Positive perceptions had a p = 0.001 significance level, whereas negative perceptions had a p = 0.001 significance level. After the
treatment group received self-management instruction, knowledge satisfaction was p = 0.001 and satisfaction with self-management was p
= 0.001. Self-management education can alter patients’ perceptions and understanding of COVID-19 transmission. In the future, it is vital to
do further studies on healthy behaviour awareness and COVID-19 prevention. Also its necessary to improve systems for clinical, pharmacological and medical knowledge for viral infection in societies.







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