Care and precautions in performing CT Scans in children


  • Sajad Ghorbanizadeh


medical imaging, radiology, malignancy, children, precautions


Studies showed that about 9-11% of CT scans performed in the world are performed on children annually, and this rate is on the rise.
Because there is a longer time interval than when CT scans are performed in children until the end of their lives than in adults; the
possibility of harmful effects of ionizing radiation on them increases. In addition, the risk of leukemia in children is more than twice that
of adults and have a higher risk of other cancers and radiation sensitivity. Today, attention to strategies to reduce radiation levels and the
risk of malignancy in children undergoing CT scans has become one of the basic protocols of the medical community, which in the present
review we tried to consider them. Due to the growing rate of using medical imaging in children, especially CT scans, the need to train
more physicians to correct and necessary referral of patients to radiology centers is felt more than ever. Also, training specialized pediatric
radiologists should be one of the important priorities in the field of medicine in order to prevent additional and unnecessary doses in
children by observing the necessary standards.







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