Negative Pharmacokinetics Evaluation of Liquorice and Pomegranate Juices on Potential of Salbutamol in Rats


  • Wael Abu Dayyih


Liquorice, Negative, Pharmacokinetics Parameters, Pomegranate, Preclinical, Salbutamol


Objectives: Beverages or food may alter the pharmacokinetic parameters and pharmacodynamics of drugs-substances’ active
pharmaceutical ingredients which may cause adverse circumstances. Salbutamol is widely indicated to prevent asthma and acute/chronic
obstructive pulmonary disorders. Liquorice and/or Pomegranate are prescribed to support cough and asthma management. Nonetheless, an
interaction thereafter with a Salbutamol pharmacokinetics was not investigated yet. Thus, the aim of this research is to evaluate the effect of
Liquorice and/or Pomegranate on Salbutamol pharmacokinetic-parameters in animals (rats).
Methods and Materials: A Chromatography method of (HPLC) was carried out. Partially validated after a development profitably
conformed to the European Medical Agency’s guidelines to measure Salbutamol in rat serum. Liquorice and/or Pomegranate juices were
given to rats for three days and, an hour sooner than Salbutamol (5.0 mg/kg), it was administered as an oral solution. Blood samples were
collected at scheduled intervals, then handled and investigated by HPLC methodology.
Results: The linearity of the calibration curve was over 98%. The intra-day and the inter-day accuracy values of Salbutamol were (97.93%-
105.18%), and (98.67%-105.91%), respectively. While the intra- and inter-day precision values were equal to or less than 3.178% and
3.653%, respectively. In addition, no significant change was seen in the pharmacokinetic parameters of Salbutamol when administered to
rats that were given either pomegranate or Liquorice juice.
Conclusions: It was established that the given Liquorice or pomegranate juices with the above-mentioned orally administrated Salbutamol
solution, did not result in a significant parameter in the pharmacokinetic interaction







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