Role Of Mentha Spicata (Spearmint)


  • Deepak Chandra Joshi , Amandeep baghla , Luxmi Yeasmin , Km. Krati



Local name of Spearmint is Garden mint, common mint, lamb mint and Mackerel mint. It is the species of mint. It belongs to the family of Lamiaceae. It is mainly cultivated in Europe, Asia, North America and Africa. The leaves of M. Spicata are used in foods, sweets, salads, Soups, Cheese, Meats, Fish, Sauces, Fruits and vegetables. The essential oil is widely used in Jellies, toothpaste, candles and candies. It contains several chemical constituents like carvone (51.7%) , cis – carveol (24.3%) , Limonene(5.3%), 1,3- cineol (4%), Carvyl acetate (2.1%), cis – di hydro carvone (2.2%) and cis – sabinene hydrate (1,0%). The spearmint tea or spearmint oil are used as drug in several disease. The spearmint is very good in the case of digestive upset , aid women with hormone imbalance , may reduce facial hair in womens , may improve memory, lowering the blood pressure and blood sugar level. It also used to fight with bacterial infection, improve arthritis pain, reduce the stress and easy to incorporate into your diet. Spearmint has anti – androgen properties that decreases Testosterone level and Hirsutism in women with PCOS.



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31

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