Level Of Knowledge Regarding Omicron Infection Among People


  • Nikhil Ingawale
  • Diksha Aare
  • Madhavi Bhor
  • Mahadev More
  • Varsha Chate




knowledge level, omicron infection, People


Introduction: The new variant named Omicron though mild in infection is more transmissible as compared to previous variant Alpha and Delta. Omicron is highly virulent and can invade the positive effects of antibodies produced by vaccination. Thus, the intense community transmissions are the major concerns due to this omicron variant. Health care system has faced burden due to growing cases of Omicron..
Material and method: The study was initiated after the approval from institutional ethics committee. Total 100 participants were enrolled in the studies which were fulfilling the inclusion criteria. The study employed quantitative research approach and non-probability purposive sampling technique was used. Informed written consent was taken from each participant. The study participants were interviewed using self structured tool and the response was recorded. The data was analysed using proper statistical measures and data was interpreted using bar graphs and tables. The association with the demographic variables was considered significant 0.05 level and below.
Result: In the study following results were drawn out from findings of the study, among 100 participants, all the participants were fully
vaccinated. Though majority of the participants came from lower socioeconomic status, the knowledge score was average to good.
Conclusion: All the study participants were fully vaccinated and majority of the study participants had average to good knowledge on
omicron awareness.







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