A Clinicopathological Studies of Skin and Appendageal from a Tertiary Care Hospital in Chennai


  • Shankari Jeyakumar
  • Shanmugapriyan Sivaraman
  • Natarajan Muninathan
  • Arumugam Suresh




Skin, Appendageal tumors and Basal cell carcinoma.


In the present study was to investigated that the Overall frequency of surface epidermal and appendageal tumors and different clinical presentation such as morphology, site and their associations with skin and other systemicconditions and also find out the histopathological features of various tumors. Skinis a complex organ in which precisely regulated cellular and molecular interactions govern many crucial responses to our environment. This is a Prospective Observational Study. Totally 100 cases of appendageal tumors were studied. All the patients were reported in the out-patient department of dermatology, Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital, Chennai.Majority of the patient who had skin and appendageal tumors were adults. Most common age group with maximum number of tumors was 21- 30 years. Most common tumor in this study was found to be Seborrhoeic keratosis(14%) and most common malignant tumor of our study was Basal cell carcinoma (7%). It was more frequently seen among females than males.In the present study we conclude that the Skin and appendageal tumors are a relatively rare group of tumors with considerable clinical and histological overlap. In our study, basal cell carcinoma was the commonest malignant tumor which is a different finding from the other studies where sweat gland tumors were common.







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