Special Land Court: Land Resolution With Legal Certainty


  • Muhammad Ilham Arisaputra , Irwansyah , Muhammad Ashri , Zulkifli Aspan , Ahsan Yunus




In Indonesia, the philosophical basis for establishing a special land court is to overcome the discrepancy between material and formal law used by judges. Justice seekers in the resolution of land disputes through the judiciary, both general courts and state administration are facing a reality that is far from expectations because the resolution of disputes from the first level, appeal, cassation, and review as a litigation process takes a long time. Through a special land court that examines the aspects of civil and administrative laws, it will provide legal certainty for the community, both from public and private aspects. The special land court will determine which party is most entitled to a land object in dispute based on the evidence by the parties before the panel of judges. If it turns out that there are parties who show evidence but the evidence is fake, then the person concerned can be subject to criminal sanctions due to the crime of forgery (false documents) or the crime of giving false statements under oath (false witness).



2023-01-01 — Updated on 2023-01-01




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