Preparation of Rosuvastatin Orodispersible Tablets and Comparative Evaluation with Brand and Generic Marketed Tablets


  • Ahmed A. A. Alsaad



preparation, tablets, comparative, brand.


Rosuvastatin is a type of a drug class; statins, used for treatment of high level of cholesterol and for avoid of cardio-vascular diseases. The
main goals of the current study is to prepared fast dissolved tablets of rosuvastatin using different kinds of super dis-integrants to promote the
dis-integration and dissolution of rosuvastatin to enhance bio-availability of a medicine. Many approaches were used to formulate a satisfactory
rosuvastatin rapid dissolved tablets by using of direct compression method. The formulated tablets were characterized for different parameters,
such as hardness, variation in weight , friability, time of wetting, in vitro dis-integration time and in vitro release of drug. The formulas that
formulated by directly compression method showed a good flow ability .Various super dis-integrants were used including croscarmellose
and crospovidone. Crospovidone is better than croscarmellose as it is showing faster dis integration time. Among the utilized diluents it
was found that spray dried lactose was the best one in formulation of rosuvastatin tablets with rapid dis integration time in mouth.
The best formula (F6) was formulated using 10% w/w of crospovidone, by directly compression give the lowest dis-integratoin time in the
mouth (11) seconds. In additi0n to that the optimized formula had a suitable friability and hardness, therefore; it was considered as the best
formulation. The net of the results showed that cr0spovid0ne was the best super dis-integrant of showing the lowest disintegrati0n time while
spray dried lactose was the best diluent used in formulating of rosuvastatin oro-dispersible tablets and this suggesting the probability of utilizing
the optimized best formulation (F6) in the formulation of rosuvastatin oro-dispersible tablets as a good dosage form for oraly administration.







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