Assessment of the role of urinary complement activation in diabetic nephropathy


  • Ruaya Ibrahim Ibrahim Elsisy
  • Ezzat Mostafa Mohammed
  • Samia Hussein Ali Mohammed
  • Mai Mohamed Abdelwahab
  • Hayat Mahmoud Mahmoud



Complement, Diabetes, Nephropathy.


Background: Increased urinary complement activation products (CAPs) have been reported in proteinuric kidney diseases including DN. The changes of urinary CAPs, including C3a, C5a and C5b-9, were reported in patients at different stages of DN. Aim of work: To study the changes of urinary complement activation products C5a and their pathological significance in the development of DN and correlate urinary and tissue expression of C5a with histopathological stages of diabetic nephropathy. Subjects and methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted, consisted of 62 cases with Diabetic nephropathy (DN) attend at the Internal medicine department, Zagazig University Hospital in 6 months. All patients were subjected to full medical history. Periodic thorough clinical examination was done. Routine laboratory investigations were performed involving measurement of Human Complement fragment 5a (C5a) by using the renal biopsy specimen and the urine samples from patients with different stages of DN. Results: We found a statistically significant difference among different DN stages of the studied group regarding Ca5 marker, which markedly increased among cases of class III and IV. At cut-off value 81.8, the diagnostic performance of urinary Ca5 as a diagnostic predictor for severe diabetic nephropathy stages presented with sensitivity 80.6% and specificity 74.1% with 0.795area under ROC curve, 77.4% test accuracy. Conclusion and recommendations: In summary, by including patients at different stages of DN, the present study has provided a full view of the change of urinary CAPs in DN patients. As there is a close correlation of urinary CAPs with the severity of DN, the urinary CAPs might be used as a marker for clinicians to evaluate the severity and progression of the disease, especially for the injury of renal tubules.







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