Effect of pomegranate peel extract on some virulence factors of Proteus mirabilis isolated from pathological cases


  • Shahd Hussein Rzaig
  • Mohammad Rafi
  • Sabaa Muhsen Farhan




pomegranate peel extract, virulence factors of Proteus mirabilis.


Background The most serious infections in bacteria are related to the virulence factors they carry. Proteus miribilis are characterized by various virulence features that enable them to cause many infections, foremost of which is the creation of the biofilm, which plays a vital role in the virulence of these bacteria. This is why our investigation came to uncover an extract that inhibits the synthesis of virulence factors. Methodology The bacterial isolates in the current study were identified using the phenotypic and cultural characteristics of P.mirabilis bacteria by cultivating them on blood agar to examine the phenomena of swarming. This is the key diagnostic trait of this bacteria, and it has a peculiar odor that recalls the stench of rotting fish and its colonies are solitary and pale in color when grown on the differential media. Optional MaCconky agar and smooth rims medium non-fermenting lactose. Result reveals the influence of pomegranate peel extract in suppressing the formation of protease enzyme in the proteus mirbilis . The average productivity of bacteria treated with varied concentrations of pomegranate peels 50,40,30 % is 13,60,11,6.20 % compared to the control 18.80 % where the concentration 50 percent was the best concentration It worked to reduce the production of the protease enzyme by a large percentage compared to other concentration, less than the effect of pomegranate peel extract in the synthesis of protease in % percent concentrations with 40 % concentrations, but significant difference% percent concentration found significant differences with the 50 %t concentrations and the control As for the 50 % concentration, it was determined that there were substantial disparities with all the concentrations and the control ones.







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Effect of pomegranate peel extract on some virulence factors of Proteus mirabilis isolated from pathological cases. (2022). Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results, 2188-2194. https://doi.org/10.47750/pnr.2022.13.S01.254