Renal Rickets with Bone Deformity: A Case Report


  • Lalthanchami
  • Ranjana Sharma
  • Vaishali Tembhare
  • Ruchira Ankar
  • Roshan Umate



Bone disorders polydactyly, dislocation of patella, osteopetrosis, chronic kidney disease, renal pseudo rickets.


Various terminology is used to refer to a syndrome that combines chronic kidney illness and bone deformities, including renal rickets, renal pseudo rickets, renal dwarfism, and renal infantilism. A bone deformity is an abnormal structural deviation or distortion of the bone's shape, length, or size from its normal alignment, length, or size. A malignant fracture or dietary deficits are two examples of probable causes of Renal Rickets. Birth defects, like congenital bone malformations, can lead to deformities. Many of these can straighten out over time with the growth of the child. A 9 years old male patient has been admitted to Paediatric Ward. In the previous year, the patient had presented with a chief complaint of bone deformities. According to the mother, the child appeared to be in good health until he was eight years old, when he had a high-grade fever, difficulties walking, and eventually bone deformities. Due to a high-grade fever, the patient was admitted to the hospital for further assessment and suitable therapy to improve his health.







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