Sars-Co-2 Vaccine Adverse Effects


  • Ibrahim M S Shnawa , Ali ALKhafagy



Introduction: Vaccine adverse effects VAE is one of the most vital areas of human  mass vaccination programs.Covid-19 vaccines are not an exception to this theme. Covid -19 VAE occupied  the forefront area in the current covid-19 vaccine research. It broadly  categorized into simple and complex or serious VAE. The simple account for tender and swelling  in muscle injection sites ,as well as fever. The complex or serious VAE can be ramified into vaccine associated enhancement of disease VAE and Vaccine failure VF.  Both of VAE and VF are a matter of debate in covid-19 vaccine manufacturing holds. Though they were currently  reportable all over the world.

Methods : The present work   aimed at a ; follow up report of VAED and VF cases in the post-vaccination period .

Results: Immune vascular embolism in lungs and in the lower left  arterial embolism in leg , thermbo-cytopenia ,cardio-pathy, atopic and delayed  skin hypersensitivity. While VF was as break through sars-cov-2 infection as pulmonary ,  gastric  and long  forms. A total of 20 cases which account for0.026 per thousand    of the total vaccine coverage during the study period  in this area..

Conclusion:  The immune mechanisms behind each of VAE cases  were  discussed. These  findings  stands as a novel contribution in this area.







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