An Update On Recent Advances In Nanoemulsion Based Hydrogels: Anoemulgels


  • Lakshmi Usha Ayalasomayajula , Chandra Sekhar Patro , A.V.S.Ksheera Bhavani , B.Murali Krishna , Saron Kumar Raul



The newly developed lipophilic drug molecules encounter problems like availability of less amount of drug at the site of action, unpredictable absorption, etc. To overcome these disadvantages, enhancement of solubility and development of novel formulation is a continuous process. Recent advances in technology had helped in developing novel nanoparticulate topical delivery systems. Their characteristic properties such as nano droplet size i.e. 20-200nm, high interfacial area, transparent, translucent appearance, capability to freely solublise in water, high kinetic stability, sedimentation, flocculation and coalescence created a new era in the development nanoparticulate topical drug delivery systems with increased applications. The most advantageous thing about topical nanoemulsion is that it can penetrate and permeate the skin membrane without incorporation of a permeation enhancer. Various studies revealed that the activity of anti inflammatory and anti fungal drugs have been increased as topical nano preparations i.e. nanoemulsions and nanoemulgels with compared to conventional emulsions and emulgels. Nanoemulgels are nanoemulsion based hydrogels prepared by adding nanoemulsion to the hydrogel matrix. The inability of hydrogels led to the development of nanoemugels which solublises the lipophilic drug in the oily phase of the emulsion followed by the addition of this mixture into a gel base.







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