Toxicity Of Silver Nanoparticles; A Mini-Review


  • Sana Shamim , Tehrim Fatima , Noor Jahan , Tehseen Quds , Erum Shah , Farah Aslam , Syeda Kiran



Nanotechnology is an advanced and one of the fastest-growing fields that have extensive potential for development. In recent years it has gained a lot of interest in the field of research due to its unique characteristics. Their higher surface-to-volume ratio is responsible for their distinctive properties and variable applicability. Due to their emerging clinical significance, research has revealed that in addition to their industrial and commercial uses, they are also essential from a medical standpoint. Along with their pharmacological effects, various adverse effects have also been reported, and this is the reason why they have not yet completely reached clinical trials. In the current review, we will first discuss the toxicity of biogenic and chemically synthesized silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) then we will also focus on comparing the toxicity of both types of AgNPs. Finally, we will offer some recommendations for improving the toxicity analysis in the future to clear the way for their entry into clinical trials.







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