“Assessment Of Confidence Level Of Dental Interns In Various Steps While Treating Complete And Partialy Edentulous Patients.”


  • Shukla Param H. , Patel Ina B. , Solanki Kinjal M. , Patel Ruchir B.




Aim: “To assess the confidence level of dental interns in various steps while treating complete and partially edentulous patients.”

Material and methods: In this present study, only dental intern students participated.  This is a questionnaire-based study, with Multiple Choice of Answers.The questionnaire is validated before its application. The questionnaire includes questions regarding confidence level of dental intern students in numerous steps while treating complete/partial removable and fixed prosthodontic patients. A five-point scale (Likert scale) will be used to measure the level of confidence. After the data collection phase of the research was complete, it was input into a master chart created in Microsoft Excel and analysed statistically.

Results: With a 100% response rate, most students felt "confident" and "very confident" in Removable Dentures clinical procedures. One Way ANOVA and Post hoc Analysis compared the confidence level in all 3 categories. Overall, most students felt less confident in border moulding procedure, recording jaw relation, and procedure of cast partial denture, and in various fixed prosthodontic procedures like impression techniques and selection of special abutments and occlusal evaluation.

Conclusions: The intern students had highest confidence in Complete dentures followed by removale partial dentures and lastly fixed partial dentures. The majority of students gave favourable ratings to the quality of their prosthodontics education, with one major recommendation to enhance students' self-assurance being more time spent in clinical settings.



2023-08-22 — Updated on 2023-08-22




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