Home Automation Using Eye Blink Detection For Paralyzed People


  • Sahithi Muppavaram , N. Sandhya, Sripada Karthikeya Manasvi , Gaddam Naga Preethi , Makineni Venkata Vanshita




Paralysis is a debilitating ailment that significantly restricts a person’s independence and quality of life. This article outlines a research effort that attempted to build a blink sensor device for accessible home automation systems, with a special emphasis on paralysis patients. The device features advanced blink detection capabilities, allowing it to differentiate between natural and intentional blinks. This distinction enables tetraplegic patients, who are paralysed in both their upper and lower limbs, to manage home equipment more independently. Furthermore, the device features an email service module that easily integrates with home automation systems, allowing caretakers to receive real-time notifications and updates without having to remove the device from the patient’s body. It also incorporates voice command control and utilizes the Sinric Pro application, further enhancing its usability for paralysis patients. The project aims to address the challenges that paralysis sufferers face and to provide solutions.



2023-08-19 — Updated on 2023-08-19




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