The Effect On Mental Health Of The Covid-19 Pandemic And Urban Residents' Quality Of Life In Province Of Punjab


  • Khurram Shahzad, Dr Mehwish Mursaleen, Khawaja Danish Ali, Dr Javaid Akhtar Hashmi, Maqbool Ahmed Soomro, Shah Fahad Ali Khan



We looked at the prompt effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Pakistani neighborhood, in the Liaoning Province, on the psychological well-being and the personal happiness of Pakistani citizens for 19 years. An online review was dispersed through a web-based media stage between January what's more, February 2020. Members finished an altered approved poll that evaluated the Effect of Event Scale (IES), pointers of negative psychological well-being effects, social and family uphold, also, emotional wellness related way of life changes. Our current research was conducted at BVH, Bahawalpurfrom March 2020 to August 2020. A sum of 267 members (108 guys and 159 females) finished the investigation. The mean age of the members was 39.8 15.1 years, and 75.8% had a high level of instruction. The mean IES score in the members was 14.7 8.8, mirroring a mellow distressing sway. Just 7.6% of members had an IES score 27. Most of members (56.4%) did not feel vulnerable because of the pandemic. Then again, 54.2% of members felt sickened and uneasy because of the pandemic. Moreover, most of members (58.9–78.7%) got expanded help from loved ones, expanded imparted feeling and minding to family individuals and others. Taking everything into account, the COVID-19 pandemic was related with gentle distressing sway in our example, despite the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic is as yet continuous. These discoveries would should be checked in bigger populace contemplates.



2023-06-26 — Updated on 2023-06-27




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