Effect Of Salivary Contamination On The Shear Bond Strength Of Two Resin Cements And Dentin-A Comparative Evaluation


  • Dr.Prachi B Bhatia , Dr. Shreenivas Vasant Bhide , Dr. Vasantha Vijayaraghavan.N , Dr. Ganesh Ramesh




Introduction – Indirect restorations are frequently luted to the remaining tooth structure with new age self-adhesive resin cements. Use of these advanced single step cements reduce chair side time for the clinician. In clinical practice it is not possible to achieve complete isolation in the oral cavity. Contamination during bonding procedures is inevitable, however shorter the time taken to perform the bonding procedure more effective the moisture control by conventional means. This contamination may alter the binding capacity of the cement to the dentine and thus affect the retention of the prosthesis.

Aim – To compare and evaluate the Shear Bond Strength of Two Self adhesive Resin Cements and Dentin with and without salivary fluid contamination. The null hypothesis states that there is no difference exists in the SBS after salivary contamination at the dentine interface.

Materials and Method – 40 freshly extracted premolar teeth were grounded occlusally and embedded in acrylic blocks. The 40 blocks were randomized into 4 groups. Each group was bonded with  either resin cement before or after salivary contamination. All samples were tested using the Universal Testing Machine at a cross head speed of 0.5mm/min. The force of dislodging was noted. The data was then subjected to paired and unpaired t test.

Results – On analysis no statistically difference in SBS was noted between A1,B1 and A2,B2. On comparing the groups A1 and A2(after salivary contamination) and B1 and B2(after salivary contamination) p<0.05 was noted which was of statistical significance.

Conclusion -Salivary Contamination reduced the SBS between the resin cements and dentin. The individual resin cements showed no statistical difference in shear bond strength.



2023-06-23 — Updated on 2023-06-23




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