Islamic State Concept Development In Malaysia – A Literature Review


  • Mohammad Hasan Sharafi Che Mohd Adli , Razaleigh Muhamat , Kawangit , Muhamad Faisal Ashaari



The concept of Islamic State is one of the most popular political concepts in the Islamic world, including in Malaysia. The study was conducted to look at the development of the Islamic State concept in general and its development in Malaysia in particular. Study is carried out qualitatively where a variety of references have been fabricated references based on authentic and reliable articles, books and reference materials. Study shows that Malaysia, after 66 years of independence, has experienced Islamization by its leaders in various aspects of life and administration in order to meet the criteria as an Islamic State and a Muslim majority. This study is to show Malaysia as a sovereign country that has a Muslim king and its administration held by leaders of various religious and cultural backgrounds lead by Malay Muslim has diversified their efforts with various brands and work movements in upholding Islam as a federal religion.



2023-06-22 — Updated on 2023-06-22




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