Evaluate The Effect Of Tuberculosis And Pneumonia On Kidney


  • Rimsha Naveed , Usama Attique , Dr. Abid Ali




BACKGROUND: Tuberculosis (TB) caused by the bacterial pathogen Mycobacterium tuberculosis, remains one of the deadliest infectious diseases with over a billion deaths over the past 200 years. M. tuberculosis is an intracellular pathogen transmitted by inhalation of aerosolized droplets containing bacteria. Pneumonia is a common acute respiratory infection that affects the alveoli and distal bronchial tree of the lungs. Lower respiratory tract infection was the second most common cause of death. The most common symptoms of pneumonia are cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, expectoration, and fatigue.


Methodology: A cross sectional study design was used. For this study a total 200 patients were selected and drawn their sample by using sterile condition. Out of 200 samples 100 was pneumonia patient samples and 100 was Tuberculosis (TB) patients.  Renal Profile test Urea and Creatinine performed to evaluate the current condition of kidneys. Test was performed on state-of-the-art instrument after confirmation of Quality Control (QC) status of the instrument

Results: Data analysis shows that a minimum range of urea in pneumonia patients which was 10 mg/dl and maximum was 326mg/dl with mean of 68.18 ± 52.59 STD. and creatinine was minimum 0.32mg/dl and Maximum was 7.9mg/dl with 2.1907 ± 9.14 STD. In Tuberculosis (TB) patient’s data shows that Urea minimum was 13.0mg/dl and maximum was 310.0mg/dl with mean value of 55.58 ± 52.26 and creatinine minimum values was 0.40mg/dl and maximum value was 7.9mg/dl with mean 1.43± 1.40 STD. According to this analysis there was a significant difference from normal values, mean values of urea a creatinine in both pneumonia and TB patients indicates that both diseases affect the renal conditions and can lead to severe state.

Conclusion(s): The risk of kidney disorder is positivity correlated with the patients who were diagnosed with TB and Pneumonia disorders. Renal function determined by performing urea and creatinine tests. Results of both parameters in TB and Pneumonia disease were clearly defined that these diseases can lead to renal end stage disorder.



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