Efficacy Of Cranberry Hydrogel In Reduction Of Candida And P. Gingivalis In Peri Implantitis


  • Dr.Abhijit Patil (Corresponding Author) , Dr.Sonali Parab , Dr.Abhijit Patil , Dr.Sounyala Raynnavar , Dr.Mahantesh Bembalgi , Dr.Chithra L Melavanki , Dr. Chaithra Prabhu B , Dr.Swapnil B. Shankargouda , Dr.Mallikarjun H. Doddamani , Dr. Abhijit Shanbagh




Introduction: Peri implantitis is a common complication with titanium implants mainly caused with P. gingivalis and Candida. Literature suggests that Cranberry hydrogel and chlorhexidine as an effective method in reduction of periodontal pathogens causing peri-implantitis. The present study aims to compare and assess the effectiveness of different concentrations in reduction of P. gingivalis and Candida in peri-implantitis.

Methods: 1%, 2.5% and 5% of cranberry hydrogel and 1% chlorhexidine coated titanium discs were tested for zone of inhibition of P. gingivalis and candida using diffusion method. Mean zone of inhibition for Candida and P. gingivalis were assessed and compared for cranberry hydrogel and chlorhexidine gel using kruskal wallis test.

Results: 5% cranberry hydrogel showed highest mean zone of inhibition in P. gingivalis and Candida whereas Chlorhexidine also showed 50% reduction in organisms.

Conclusion: A considerable reduction in P. gingivalis and Candida colonies and zone of inhibition were observed in titanium plates coated with cranberry extract. Cranberry hydrogel is an effective alternative in treatment of peri implantitis.  



2023-06-08 — Updated on 2023-06-08




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