Multidimensional Sdg Indicators Analysis Associated To The Environment


  • Julio Anderson Álvarez Month , Alberto Jesús Iriarte Pupo , Karen Lizeth Olivero Romero



In this research the associations that have among 12 indicators of the sustainable development goals (SDG) were analyzed, specifically what it is related to energy consumption and waste generation, in the environmental dimension. For this aim, the countries were categorized according to world bank classification of income levels, in order to study the variables’variations and covarations, reported for 109 in the 2022 sustainability report. Firstly, in the results’chapter, an  exploratory analysis with central tendency measures and location is presented; secondly, the multivariated statatistical method , statis Dual, is used to understand the synergy in three ways: (countries, income level and indicators).Generally speaking,the results indicate that the countries that are in the médium-high and high level show better results in the indicators mentioned before. However, it cannot be stated, with total certainty that the results for the indicators depend directly on the leve lof income, because, in each group of nations, (Low, Medium Low, Medium High and High), territories with opportunities for improvement are visualized. In conclusion, it is highlighted that the use of these multidimensional techniques allows us to understand the environmental problems that the SDG measure, into the framework agreement 2030 and in turn, becomes an important input for the formulation of public policies aimed at overcoming gaps.



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31




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