Effect Of Different Medicaments In Healing Of Peri Apical Lesions In Endodontia: An Original Research


  • Dr. Darwish Shaik, Dr. Madhura Rohit Kakade, Dr. Syed Shah Hussain Qadri, Dr. Rahul D Kadam, Dr. Sonali Shivaji Delmade, Dr. Sandeep Dande




Aim: The purpose of the present research was to evaluate the efficacy of various intra-canal medicaments for the healing in case of peri-apical lesions.

Methodology: A total of 60 patients of either gender was included in the study. The age range was 15–60 years with the radiographic evidence of radiolucency of 2–4 mm in size. Both maxillary and mandibular teeth till first molar were selected. Teeth with previous endodontic treatment mentally handicapped and terminally ill patients were excluded. Selected patients were placed randomly into Group 1 (calcium hydroxide alone) and in Group 2 (calcium hydroxide in combination with 2% chlorhexidine gel). Obturation and permanent filling was done at 14th day. The patient was recalled after 90 days of obturation and a radiograph was taken. Final outcome was measured at the end of 90th day of obturation.

Results: The mean of percentage reduction in size of apical radiolucency at 3 months was 91.03% for group 1 and 97.26% for group 2 with p-value 0.13 (not significant). The results suggested equivalent results after medication with 2%chlorhexidine with calcium hydroxide but 2% chlorhexidine still showed better results than the group without CHX in terms of healing.

Conclusion: This study concluded that calcium hydroxide in combination with 2% chlorhexidene as intracanal medicament results in better resolution of periapical radiolucency in terms of percentage resolution of periapical radiolucency.



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31




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