Preparation And Development Of Polyherbal Formulation Of Various Plants Leaves Extract


  • Basant Khare , Tarkeshwar Prasad Shukla , Neetesh K Jain



Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most prevalent chronic inflammatory diseases whereas arthritis commonly shown in surrounded by women and happened mainly in case of older people. The oral route one of the most preferred routes for patient treatment but the oral administration can be affective the API via hepatic first pass metabolism, thus required higher dose of drug. So, the patients suffering with gastric irritation prudentially treated with topical approaches. The gastric problem was eventually treated via the formulations for the presence of surfactants in the lipid based formulations. The topical drug delivery system is usually used via drug administration through diffusion via skin. The potential advantages of transdermal /dermal drug delivery (e.g., minimal first-pass metabolism, patient comfort/compliance, local drug delivery to the skin) have various physical and chemical approaches. Such system used to overcome the limiting barrier of drug penetration into the skin The main ingredient of the gel formulation is the gelling agent from all required chemicals. The concentration of viscosity enhancer or gel former is of huge value as a less concentration will lead to simple solution or lotion with very low consistency. The high concentration of gel forming agent may lead to formation of gels with high viscosity leading to non – uniform distribution of drug and showed problem with handling of gel.



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