Clustering Of Customers Based On Demographics Approach


  • Divya Singhal, Kashish Garg , Kirti , Ishika Aggarwal, Dr Satish Babu



The goal of our study is to segment the customer based on the demographics. Where many competitors are trying to be better than others. Nowadays we have many options of one kind so sometimes customers can get confused about what to buy or not buy because every person has different choices. But in the time of technology, we can sort out this problem by using machine learning algorithms. We can apply many algorithms to the data set and find the target group. Without machine learning, it would be time-consuming to find a group with similar choices. To segment the customers, we are using K-Means unsupervised learning algorithm. Here K-Means algorithm helps us to make a group of data with the same attributes that help businesses to grow perfectly.  



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31




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