Digital Entrepreneurship TOWARDS Digital India


  • Varsha Birajdar , Dr. S.H.Honnalli



Digital entrepreneurship plays a crucial role within the innovation system. The pandemic has as emerged more importance to digital entrepreneurship. Digital entrepreneurship modifies the working culture with the application of existing policies and influences the labor market, employment quality, and skill development. The processing, production, transportation, and sharing of various statistical data can be transferred with the support of digitalization. The connecting gap between virtual systems and real-world digital business provides numerous business opportunities to gain customers for their ventures by offering new and innovative products and services which promotes low cost by generating more revenue. Digital Rupee is a new form of money, which will give easier access, is less expensive, and makes payment faster. This article focused on describing the concept and identification of digital entrepreneurs and their contribution to the digitalization and economy. Digital entrepreneurs mix business, market knowledge, and community technological know- how to change typical commercial enterprise practices through digitalization.



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31




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