Modernization Of Bed Tray For Human Kind Using Iot


  • Dr.C.Sowmya Dhanalakshmi , Soumya.K.S , Helan FlarenceStepy.F , Harikumar.R , Prabhakaran.P



It was noted that caring for bedridden patients is a significant issue because it involves numerous parties and necessitates 24-hour care for the patients. A huge portion of society will gain from any decrease in the number of participants and the amount of work needed. An investigation was made into the issues these patients and their families faced in order to determine whether any products were required. The survey found that these individuals require a bed with particular features. In order to lessen the amount of help needed in managing these patients, the author attempts to create a new bed.

A bedridden patient needs assistance from family or caregivers to eat because they are unable to move or sit. It is difficult and awkward to use a side table. As a result, a new bed was created and made. Patients can eat with the assistance of the bed tray that is attached to the bed because it is an inherent part of the bed. The patient can use the bed's tray without moving by reaching underneath the bed.

A suitable rail is placed under the cot in the bed's configuration, and a rectangular plate is inserted into the rails. The movable sensors on the rails are moved either horizontally or vertically when the patients activate the remote. The tray is pushed toward the patient by the hinge fastened to the rectangular plate. Embedded C is used in the coding of the Internet of Things (IoT). Fusion 360 is the tool used to design the system. Each control is easily accessible to the patient. By pressing the remote's off button after use, the arrangement is turned around, and the tray is brought under the cot. Other amenities, such a storage rack and an adjustable wash basin, are available to make other daily tasks simple. After construction, the bed tray will be tested, and after debugging, the model will be validated in a real-world setting.



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