Virtual Mouse And Assistant: A Technological Revolution Of Artificial Intelligence


  • Jagbeer Singh , Yash Goel, Shubhi Jain, Shiva Yadav



The purpose of this paper is to enhance the performance of the virtual assistant. So, what exactly is a virtual assistant. Application software, often called virtual assistants, also known as AI assistants or digital assistants, is software that understands natural language voice commands and can perform tasks on your behalf. What does a virtual assistant do. Virtual assistants can complete practically any specific smartphone or PC activity that you can complete on your own, and the list is continually expanding. Virtual assistants typically do an impressive variety of tasks, including scheduling meetings, delivering messages, and monitoring the weather. Previous virtual assistants, like Google Assistant and Cortana, had limits in that they could only perform searches and were not entirely automated. For instance, these engines do not have the ability to forward and rewind the song in order to maintain the control function of the song; they can only have the module to search for songs and play them. Currently, we are working on a project where we are automating Google, YouTube, and many other new things to improve the functionality of this project. Now, in order to simplify the process, we've added a virtual mouse that can only be used for cursor control and clicking. It receives input from the camera, and our index finger acts as the mouse tip, our middle finger as the right click, and so forth.



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31




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