A Comparative Analysis Of Individuality In The Works Of R.W. Emerson And Rajneesh


  • Dr Aravind Babu Chilukuri




This paper examines Emerson and Rajneesh's comparative study of Individuality as they took to new directions in studying individual consciousness. It proposes to show how Individuality can bring transformation to a person. Each person has to save themselves by modification and not through belief systems. Change happens through awareness, and awareness is a continuous process.

Individuality-building approaches can help them to eliminate superstitious outlooks, rigidity, fear, pressure, and hostility, to build a healthy society. The need of the hour is to manage the stress and anxieties of modern life with its goals and rivalries. For this reason, it is relevant to focus on the overall development of the learner by harbouring their Individuality.

The studies can help people to rise to situations and face challenges by understanding the importance of Individuality for their well-being. These studies can help them be inspired and committed to learning and taking action by connecting the content to real-life circumstances to live a genuine life.

Therefore, it is necessary to combine the essence of teachings in a scientific and practical approach, as Rajneesh and Emerson advocated, to build Individuality.



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31




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