Collision Observation And Handling Technology Using Gps


  • Dr.V.Rameshbabu , Bhuvaneswaran S , Mohamed Abbas R , Akash V



The number of deaths resulting from motor vehicle accidents in urban areas is rapidly increasing due to various factors. These fatalities can be reduced through providing medical attention quickly. Challenges that prevent a timely response are traffic congestion, insufficient ambulance services, lack of network coverage, and negligence. To address these issues, an auto-response technology is needed. Smartphones, with their in-built sensors, are ideal for the development of such technology. This project introduced the Collision Observation and Handling Technology (COHT) to locate the site of the collision and ensure that medical help is dispatched to the scene immediately. This technology comprises of two main components: the server and the COHT software. Different sensors in Smartphones can be used to detect the location of the incident.In the event of a crash, the COHT will transmit a signal to both the ambulance and the emergency contact. The COHT receiver will use the sensors in the Smartphone to pinpoint the location and trigger an alert to the closest hospital and emergency team. This technology will allow the response team to get to the scene of the accident quickly, thus providing medical assistance to those affected. This technology is beneficial in that it decreases the time taken to act on the situation, ultimately decreasing the death rate.



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31




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