Management Of Sleep Bruxism In Children: A Review


  • Dr. Alok Dubey, Dr. Elham Ahmad Khudhayr



Bruxism, a condition characterized by grinding and involuntary clenching of the teeth, is a risk factor for the development of masticatory dysfunction. It can occur together with sleep disturbances and may be associated with abnormal body movements, breathing difficulties, increased muscle activity, and heart rate disturbances. This disorder is becoming an important

dental concern in children. Sleep Bruxism (SB) can affect the general health, growth, and quality of life of the child, therefore it is very important to know the diagnosis, signs, and symptoms, as well as the treatment alternatives. Dentists and primary care physicians should correctly diagnose bruxism in children, educate parents, prevent potential consequences for oral health, and identify possible comorbidities. Appropriate clinical guidelines for the treatment and prophylaxis of bruxism in children should also be developed.



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31




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