Awareness On Realistic Mathematics Situations Among Secondary School Students


  • Dr. Suresh Kumar K. , Radhika T. P.



The bundle of knowledge and practice known as mathematics is developed through the contributions of thinkers throughout ages and across the globe. Mathematics help us to understand the world and we use the world as an example to demonstrate mathematical concepts.  The new normal educational system focusses on the development of mathematization of thought process in individuals to set them of global competence. There is increasing evidence that an awareness about the realistic mathematics situations in daily life is crucial to develop mathematical competence among young children. The realistic mathematics approach indicates a life integrated learning approach which involves students learning through daily life situation with increased student control over learning. They gain knowledge and opportunity to apply it in a realistic situation and also makes them confident to tackle even a more complex future situation. The present study is an effort to understand the awareness of secondary school students about the realistic element of mathematical concepts they already acquired. Using the scale of Awareness on Realistic Mathematics Situations data collected from 1500 secondary school students of Ottapalam subdistrict. The tool includes items in three dimensions knowledge, understanding and application. Results show that the level of awareness of realistic mathematical concepts is below average which demands our classroom activities to be more realistic especially daily life oriented. The study revealed that gender have impact on awareness of realistic mathematical situations while medium of instruction have no influence in developing awareness on realistic mathematics situations and thereby need special attention in providing atmosphere and encouragement to female students in handling realistic mathematical situations. We have to furnish up to the minute meaningful experiences while introducing mathematical concepts which will make our learner fit for future.



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31




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