Enhancing The Efficiency Of A Phase Change Material-Based Solar Pond


  • C.P.Jawahar




In the current article discussion has been developed for exploring the efficiency of phase change materials in solar ponds. For making the further research progression first a brief knowledge about the solar pond is presented. It has been noticed that there are different types of phase change materials that induced properties of energy storing and better thermal production in the solar ponds. Understanding the differences and the potential drawbacks like corrosive natures, and high maintenance makes the concern for the solar pond efficiency. Regarding literature review has been developed to understand the functional properties of PCMs and the affecting concern is discussed.

The secondary data collection method has been used for further qualitative data analysis developed in the study. Through the analysis, it has been identified that PCM has some criteria to express higher changing potential which are melting enthalpy, incoming energy sources and external environment. The presence of suitable affecting factors makes the chance of effective energy storage and thermal conductivity improves. A recommendation has been suggested about the potential ways of efficiency of phase-changing materials based on the solar ponds.



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31




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