Evaluation Of Correlation Between Between Incisal Path And Condylar Path With Bilateral Balanced Occlusion


  • Dr. Neha Jain , Dr. Nidhi Chhaparia , Dr. Ishita Vaghela , Dr. Manisha Agarwal , Dr. Niharika Singh Chauhan , Dr. Mansi Patel




Background: The primary determinants of occlusal equilibrium for complete denture prosthetics are patient's sagittal condyle path (CP) and horizontal incisal path (IP). The relationship involving sagittal CP as well as horizontal IP with appropriate balancing occlusion is one of the research questions that requires attention. All things considered, the shifting of artificial teeth and the resulting alterations are unavoidable and cannot be prevented, but they can be lessened with the right use of current materials and methods

Aim: To investigate the relationship between bilateral balanced occlusion and lateral condylar inclination/ lateral IG and horizontal condylar inclination and during various clinical and laboratory processes.

Methods and Materials: For the study, a random sample of 100 completely edentulous patients was selected at random, with both sexes represented and a mean age of 55. Following the patients' agreement, preliminary data was gathered. Standard methods were used to create the impressions, and Facebow transfer was used to capture the jaw relation. A protractor was used to measure the angle and record the trace of the gothic arch. Extra-oral tracings were used to record the sagittal condylar inclinations, and a protrusive interocclusal record was used to train the semi-adjustable articulator (Arcon).

Results: It was determined that there was a significant statistical relationship between values of  sagittal CP, and values of horizontal IP, and symmetric balancing occlusion in two separate age groups. There was a significant association among the waxed up prosthesis on the articulator and the waxed up prosthesis in the mouth of study participants when the relationship among bilateral balanced occlusion, horizontal IP and sagittal CP at various changing phases was analysed. Additionally, there was a good association seen between final prepared prosthesis following selective grinding-articulator (GAEC) and the wax up prosthesis on the articulator.

Conclusion: Waxed-up dentures on articulators, processed dentures on articulators, and processed dentures on articulators after judicious grinding were all demonstrated to have statistically significant relationships in balanced occlusion. In a youthful population of people, balanced occlusion seems to be more predictable.



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31




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