“A Research To Determine The Job Satisfaction Of Housekeeping Staff In A Tertiary Hospital.”


  • Dr Ramling Mali , Dr Nootan R Mali




Background: It is well known that hospitals in most countries are short on nurses, support staff, and cleaning staff. Job satisfaction, which is usually thought of as how an employee feels about his or her job, is important for both employees and institutions.

The goal of this project was to find out how happy the people who clean hospitals are with their jobs. How and what to do: In the housekeeping staff of a tertiary care hospital, a sociodemographic variables and satisfactory study was done. The study looked at 100 people who worked in housekeeping. The subjects were interviewed with the help of a semi-structured questionnaire that had been filled out. Result: Out of the 100 people who were interviewed, 83 percent were over 30 years old; 67 percent were men and 33 percent were women. This study shows that 56% of people who work in housekeeping are very happy with their jobs, 43% are happy with their jobs, and only 1% are not happy with their jobs. Most people who work in housekeeping are happy with their jobs. Most of those who were happy were over 30 years old, and more men than women took part in the survey.


A small-scale study found that housekeeping staff spent more time cleaning the environment, doing therapeutic activities, and boosting morale1.

The National Health Survey plan said that hospitals should offer cleaning services for hospital wards (department of health 2000). "A ward-based non-clinical role centred on cleaning, food service, and maintenance to make sure the basics of care for the patient are right."

Job satisfaction surveys for housekeeping staff can be useful tools that tell them how well their programmes are working and help them fix any communication problems.

They can also be a good way for an organisation to find out how its employees feel about their work environment..



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