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Entrepreneurs' View On The Increased Entrepreneurship And The Growth Of Jobs In Madurai District


  • J. Prabhu, K. Ravindran


All Indian states and districts continue to pay close attention to entrepreneurship development and job creation because they help to solve the problems of unemployment and poverty while fostering economic growth. The perception of entrepreneurs on the growth of their businesses varies significantly depending on their profile. Entrepreneurs' perception of the growth of their businesses is positively, highly, and significantly related to their perception of job creation. Microcredits for entrepreneurs should be provided in a sufficient amount, and the government should adopt and implement rules and regulations that are friendly to business to promote entrepreneurship. In addition, the government must protect workers' rights while fostering entrepreneurship and provide tax breaks for beginning all different kinds of new business ventures. Additionally, entrepreneurship development should effectively expand entrepreneurial activities on both a vertical and horizontal axis, creating employment opportunities in the trading sector with a higher priority.









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