A Review on Geriatric Oral Health


  • S. Shree Lakshmi , Sankara Aravind Warrier , Shanmuganathan Natarajan, T. Manigandan


Geriatric health is an ignored and under-explored area worldwide. Several nations are facing a demographic shift in the age profile of their population leading the World Health Organization to a ‘Call for Public Health Action’ on the oral health of older people as mouth is regarded as the mirror of body. Improved quality of life at old age will demand tooth retention through rehabilitative or restorative treatments and for its sustainability through maintenance, preventive care is essential. Prevention and early intervention strategies formulation to reduce the risk of oral diseases in this segment is the need of the hour. It is multi-faceted challenge to retain teeth disease free and preserve them amidst multitude of risk factors associated with old age. Dental management keeping in mind the special needs of these matured people is critical for successful clinical outcome and reduction in the disease burden and this review article aimed to provide information in this regard so as to render professional service that is sensitive with understanding the magnitude of the services to be provided to the elderly.



— Updated on 2022-12-31




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