Bee AR Teacher Collaborative Learning Augmented Reality Framework


  • Maria Seraphina Astriani, Raymond Bahana, Arif Priyono Susilo Ahmad, Lee Huey Yi



Collaborative learning is crucial to be applied in the field of education especially when teaching the students to achieve effective learning. Since the spread of COVID-19, home learning has now been widely implemented and learning methods are generally transformed from conservative ones that required face-to-face meetings to online (using an internet connection as a medium). Teachers have experienced difficulties because the interactions and collaboration that usually can be obtained in offline (face-to-face) sessions do not occur during online sessions. The use of Augmented Reality technology is believed to solve this problem. However, the current framework is quite difficult to be find and also rarely discusses collaborative learning topic. Researchers see a gap and try to bridge it by developing an Augmented Reality framework called Bee AR Teacher for collaborative learning. Bee AR Teacher collaborative learning framework is expected to be able to help developers or researchers to create Augmented Reality solutions that can help teachers create their own applications so it can be used by the students.




— Updated on 2023-01-30




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