A Review On The Genus: Sesamum


  • Dr.N.Astalakshmi ,Gokul T , GowriSankar K B , Nandhini M , Hari Hara Sudhan M R. , Dr.M.Surendra Kumar




Nature is usually a golden sign to point out the outstanding phenomena of co-existence. Natural merchandise from plants, animals and minerals are the premise for treating human diseases. Medicative are presently in demand and their acceptance is increasing progressively. Undoubtedly, plants play a very important role by providing essential services in ecosystems. The pedaliacae is one of the source of medical plants with 13 genus and 70 species. One of the active member among the genus is sesamum. Sesamum comprises about 37 species. The plants of this genus are annual or perennial herbs with fit to be eaten seeds. The species are by and large African with a few species occurring in India, Sri Lanka and China. The essential goal of this assessment is to offer and to evaluate the suggested phytochemical, Pharmacological research of Sesamum genus. This review showed that some species of genus sesamum including S.Indicum, S.radiatum, S.Sesamoides, S.Alatum, S.Calycinum, S.Anolense, S.Angustifolium, S.Laciniatum, S.Triphyllum, S.Capense and S.Prostratum need further phytochemical and pharmacological investigations to develop new drugs from natural sources.



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31




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