Knowledge And Awareness Of Breathing Exercise In Dyspnea Condition Patients


  • Jerin Thomas , Dr. Mandar Malawade



Background: Dyspnea, another name for shortness of breath, is the painful sensation of having insufficient lung capacity. The severity of the different sensations associated with breathlessness, the level of anguish and discomfort it causes, and its burden or affect on the patient's activities of daily living can all be considered when evaluating breathlessness. Breathlessness is a common sign of intense physical effort, but if it happens unpredictably, as while you're resting during light exercise, it becomes problematic. The purpose of this investigation is to evaluate how many people know about breathing exercises. Through a questionnaire. The aim of study is to find out the knowledge and awareness of breathing exercises in dyspnea condition patients.

Methodology: This study conducted in the age group of 40-80 age group in both males and females. Through a questionnaire.  

Results: Data from fifty dyspnea condition patients were obtained and analyzed. Out of fifty sample only 12 people are aware about breathing exercises.

Conclusion: These findings reported in the study provide a better understanding of people who all are aware about breathing exercises



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31

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