Green Company, And Its Financial Transactions From An Islamic Jurisprudence Perspective


  • Dr. Ali Ahmed Salem Farhat



All Praise is due to Allah, who has enabled whomever He desires good to gain understanding in the religion and by His bounty he guided whomever He willed of His creation to His path and the path of His Prophet (PBUH), and may God Almighty be pleased with his companions, his wives, his family, and those who follow him in goodness until the Day of Judgment. The Islamic Shari 'a has not defined the provisions of contemporary financial transactions in a given framework but it left people with the right to renovate and develop, provided that, to be adhere with the rules, regulations, and purposes of Shari’a. Perhaps the facts and images of financial transactions in life are the most common among the people, and one of the most common parts of financial transactions that witnessed continuous development are the activities of contemporary companies, which are now not only dependent on Sharia scholars, but are also regulated by economists and jurists, because its controls are more diverse, and among these transactions is what is known as the financial transactions of the green company. Many Calls have grown louder in recent for Islamic finance to adopt the Green Company's business model in the most financial transactions; ; Many contemporary governments have initiated several legislation that protects society and ensures clean (green) companies and businesses. However, the question arises about the concept of a green company, and the most important transactions that take place under the umbrella of a green company: The study problem is summarized in the following main question: What is meant by the green company, what are the most important financial transactions pertaining to it, and what are its legal rulings?



2023-01-01 — Updated on 2023-01-01




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