Realtime Monitoring System for Surface Water Quantity and Analyzing of Water Quality Using Microcontroller


  • M. Shahul Hameed
  • E. Ramya
  • Lawanya Pillai
  • K. Jaraline Kirubavathy
  • D.S. Dharshan Shylesh
  • Dr.V. Thulasi Bai
  • Dr.R. Jaganathan



Water Quality and Quantity Measurement, Blynk App IOT Platform, Real Time Monitoring.


In India, water contamination is a serious environmental issue. Untreated sewage is typically the main cause of water contamination in
India.Protecting water quality for sustainable livelihoods and poverty reduction becomes a greatest challenge with the technological change and population growth. Measurement of Water Quantity and Real Time Monitoring becomes mandate to advance the water stewardship. In this paper, to keep track of the quality, smart water quality monitoring system(Ph, temperature, turbidity) and analysing of water quantity (flow or level) based on IOT is proposed for the study area of Okkiyam Maduvu, watershed in Chennai. This system is implemented using various sensors to measure the water quality like Ph, temperature, turbidity sensor and for analysing water water quantity used flow or level sensors. All these sensors are controlled by using the microcontroller - Arduino ESP32. This proposed system is placed in the study area Okkiyam Maduvu watershed to monitor water quality and quantity and visualized those sensed data using the IOT platform through Blynk App. This helps to know the water level and its quality of Okkiyam Maduvu watershed and it helps to take necessary precaution if the water quality is reduced and its level raised beyond the level.







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