The Future Of Medical Tourism In India


  • Dr. R Shridhar



As a cultural-based tourism destination in the world, the phrase medical tourism seems to be a new form of tourism for India. Meanwhile, medical tourism global market reached USD 439 billion (GHCR, 2017) and made it as one of the fastest growing tourism market in the world. The study aimed at identifying the potency of India as a medical tourism destination, analyzing the SWOT, formulating the strategies for its development and prioritizing which strategies to be implemented.

The method used were interpretative analysis, IFE, EFE and SWOT to formulate strategies and QSPM to prioritize which alternative strategies to be implemented.

The results confirmed that India has the potential to be a medical tourism destination as there are medical providers, competent doctors and paramedics, unique medical tourism products and increased in numbers of patients coming to India. The questionnaires also referred that 84% respondents stated that India is potential to be a medical tourism destination. The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of medical tourism development in India are similar to other established medical tourism destinations in Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and India). The only difference is that Indonesian government has not taken any roles in the medical tourism development at any stage. Result also showed that medical tourism development strategy in India has to be intensive by doing product development, market penetration and market development.



2022-12-08 — Updated on 2022-12-08


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