An Analysis Of Security And Privacy Issues In Social Networks


  • M. Chandrakumar Peter , M. Sharmila Begum , A.Immaculate Mercy



Online Social Networks (OSN) provides a space to share variety of data like text, image, audio, video, animated content and other formats. Social networking sites allow anyone to post information to millions of users in a moment and it creates positive and negative impact among the public and allows to promote individuals business, collect research data, disseminate latest news, share their latest trips,  political ideology, critique of movie and other things of interest. This technological gift connects the user to rest of the world and enables them to identify their different roles and needs. It has the power to popularize any one in a moment. At the same time a plenty of threats also hide in it .In recent years the people  use Text, picture, sound, videos and animated videos over online with their Friends, colleague, students without knowing the privacy and security issues. This paper reveals the various privacy and security issues in online social networking. Online social network tool has some limitations and negative impact on the users, especially students. The foremost thing to be taken into consideration in this emerging technology is security and privacy aspects. Lack of security and privacy aspects provides hackers to manipulate the posted information and creates hindrances in information sharing. Further, Information security threats experts reveal how sites like MySpace and YouTube let the bad guys post something which are sometimes invasive: malware. This paper provides brief information about online social network privacy and security issues along with measures to overcome the threats. The researchers have found solutions in making different kinds of interactions and relationships which, in turn, have led to the generation and availability of a huge amount of valuable data that has been never before. Such huge data can be used in some new varied eye-catching and useful research areas to researchers.



2022-12-06 — Updated on 2022-12-06


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