Pursuing Effective Mentorship In Management Education


  • Dr. Vidyut Deshpande , Dr. Prashant Phule , Dr. Vrinda Pandit




India has one of the world's most elevated paces of suicides among individuals matured between fifteen years & thirty years. Every year somewhere in the range of thirty to forty individuals for each one lakh Indians matured somewhere in the range of fifteen & twenty nine commit suicide. This records accounts for about thirty three percent of all suicides in the country.

Parents, Teachers, Gurus, Friends, and Relatives have strongest impact on all the students.  

Admission, forced line of education, specialization, Exam pressures and subsequent employment opportunities are very common causes faced by graduate and post graduate students. Immediate or Indirect Mentoring can assist understudies, adolescents as they with going through challenging advances of life managing disturbing changes at home or rolling adulthood changeovers includes handling demanding variations at household or transformation to maturity. Near, strong, helpful relationship between mentors and mentee is the key to success of each and every individual.


It delivers grave assistances to individual & organizations. Yet the status of mentorship for a person’s advancement in career is almost widespread, pursuing mentorship to achieve the professional success requires continuous follow-up.

Mentorship which is effective the most vital causes of achievement in management education. It is detected that few guidance to trainee forging censoriously important relations. Many a times this system is followed for documentation purpose. Author has studied using secondary data, how effectively this system is implemented & concluded  that discontent  & glitches are communal in every single association, including mentorships.

Looking India at global perspective, such systems should be implemented in such a way that it should bring together leading academician, industry representative and research students from different universities to share their experience about all aspects of globalised India.

The objective of this paper is to study and understand benefits of mentorship program in management education.



2022-11-24 — Updated on 2022-11-24


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