Selenium status and its relationship in thyroid disorders in urban population


  • S. Ayyappan
  • Priya.K. Dhas
  • T. Ilanchezhian



Selenium, Hypothyroidiam , Hyperthyroidism, Euthyroid.


Selenium is one of the essential micronutrients which has excellent antioxidant property. Earlier studies have proven that the level of selenium is found to be higher in thyroid tissue and it helps in the metabolism of thyroid hormones. The level of selenium is found to be lower in individuals with thyroid disorders. The role of selenium therapy in some studies has shown fruitful results in hypothyroid subjects. Ironically the level of selenium in hyperthyroid individuals is also found to be lower. The reason behind the decline of selenium levels in both hypo and hyperthyroidism has not been evaluated yet in a single study in a large scale. So we intended to do this study to compare the levels of selenium in euthyroid, hypothyroid and hyperthyroid individuals. A total of 150 subjects were included in this study (50 subjects ineuthyroid, and 50 each in hypothyroid and hyperthyroid category).The subjects were recruited from the OP and IP departments of VMKV Medical College & Hospital and they are age matched. Subjects with hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism without selenium and antioxidant supplementation were included in this study and the subjects with other metabolic diseases were excluded from this study. Thyroid profile was done using ELISA and Selenium is evaluated by Dynamic reaction cell inductively coupled mass spectometry.Statistics were held with SPSS software (SPSS 16.0 for Windows, IBM Co). NormalDistribution of the Data was tested by – Kolmogorov- Smirnov Test. Homogeneity of variableswas conducted with Levene’s test. Variables without normal distribution and equal variance were compared by Welch’s ANOVA and Games – Howell post hoc test between groups and expressed their Mean, Standard Deviation and Significance.Correlation among selenium and FT3 was assessed by Pearson’s Correlation test. A p value lower than 0.05 was considered asstatisticallysignificant.Selenium level can throw light on early detection and treatment of unrecognized thyroid disorder. In the present study selenium was found to be lower in subjects with Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism.




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S. Ayyappan, Priya.K. Dhas, & T. Ilanchezhian. (2022). Selenium status and its relationship in thyroid disorders in urban population. Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results, 2494–2499.