Improved CP-ABE Based Crypto Technique To Secure Ehrs With Access Policy-Based Authentication Schemes


  • S.Prathima , Dr.C.Priya



Every medical service center handles the health records in the conventional Electronic Health Record (EHR) management system. Therefore, in Cloud Computing (CC), EHR is stored; however, that can be susceptible to numerous attacks as the sensitive data is transmitted over a public channel. Many attempts have been made by prevailing research techniques to ameliorate the EHR’s Security Level (SL); however, the security problem continues to exist.  This work has put forward an Improved Ciphertext-Policy centered Attribute-Based-Encryption (ICP-ABE) to secure EHR with an access policy-centered authentication scheme for solving this issue.  EHR data collections, secure uploading, and secure downloading are the ‘3’ phases that are entailed in the proposed method. At first, the input EHR data is amassed; after that, the data is safely uploaded to the Cloud Server (CS). Attribute extraction, significant attribute selection by LF-LOA, access policy creation by selected attributes, and securely uploading the input file into the CS by wielding the ICP-ABE algorithm are the ‘4’ phases that are encompassed in this uploading process. Verifying access policy, permission to key access, and downloading and decrypting the data are the ‘3’ sub-phases involved in the last phase, which is the secure downloading phase. The proposed technique-centered secure EHR data storing is analogized to the prevailing techniques in an experimental assessment. When weighed against the existent research methodologies, the proposed technique achieves superior performance.



2022-11-23 — Updated on 2022-11-23


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S.Prathima , Dr.C.Priya. (2022). Improved CP-ABE Based Crypto Technique To Secure Ehrs With Access Policy-Based Authentication Schemes. Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results, 2365–2379.