Adolescent Spiritual Health Is Related To Bullying Behavior


  • Tri Widayanti , Nasrul Hakim, Bety Agustina Rahayu



Background: Bullying  is any form of violence that is carried out intentionally by one person or a group of stronger people towards another person, with the aim of hurting and being carried out continuously.  The high level of juvenile delinquency is due to the low level of intelligence that adolescents have which results in the  ability to analyze every problem, control attitudes and behaviors and distinguish right and wrong actions, less possessed by adolescents.   Purpose: There is a bullying problem that occurs in  SMA 1 Pleret, so researchers  are interested in conducting research with the  aim of analyzing the relationship between  spiritual health and bullying  behavior.  Method: This research is a quantitative study with a cross sectional design. The population in this study was high school students of  N 1 Pleret. Sampling in this study used purposive sampling with the criteria of students who were active in SMA N 1 Pleret and  students  who were willing to take part in the study,  namely  190 students. Ins trument questionnaire has been tested and declared valid and reliable used in this study. An analytical test using spearman rank was used to  test the relationship of spiritual health to bullying  behavior in adolescents at school.  Results: The majority of  respondents committed verbal, physical and relational bullying  in the category of low bullying  rates.   The spiritual health of the majority respondents was in the moderate category.   The  results of the  spiritual health bivariate  test with  the  type of bullying showed the  results of the  type of verbal bullying with a p-value of 0.038 and physical  bullying with a   p-value of 0.008   . This figure  shows the relationship of  verbal and physical  bullying types with the  level of spiritual health  of N 1 Pleret High School  students.  Kesimpulan : Types of verbal and physical bullying of high school students N 1 Pleret Bantul are related to the level of spiritual health.



2022-11-23 — Updated on 2022-11-23





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